Radenglau of The Bloodtangle

Goblin Male Tavern Owner


Mannerisms and Appearance:
Bald with black eyebrows, more catlike than goblin. Twisted by sanity draining mind games of his Masters and countless hours spent in dark repositories his skin has aged a greyish white. His goblin green hue only now visible in direct light.

Personality Traits:
Vengeance fuels him though the wrongs against him are never the same twice. Was it Teifling Slavers who butchered his family for not cooperating or a familty feud that tore his house apart, leaving him destitute with his sister inheriting everything?


His origins are in The Bloodtangle; a thick and dangerous jungle in Kyrnd’s south, the only major civilized races that live here are Kobolds, building temples in dedication to their dragon gods throughout the jungle and atop it’s central mountain range, The Teeth.

A few spartan goblin outposts remain from the days before Theras’ik Wars, clinging to the roots of the mountains, their presence to the Kobolds is tolerated at best due to their small numbers.

Surrounded on all sides by the Azulu Marshes, a insect and reptile infested hellhole. Due to this, only the most dedicated traders attempt passage along The Southern Route, the only ground consistently firm enough to allow the passage of carts.

Towering trees, savage carnivores, torrential rains mingling with debilitating swelter. Far to the south sprawls the Bloodtangle, a fecund expanse of rain forest sheltering an impassable landscape teeming with life. The trees grow tall and close together, their hundred-foot-high canopy blocking sunlight from the dank forest floor. Streams wind among the trunks , while bogs , quicksand and flash floods take travelers by surprise. With hosts of poisonous wildlife, silent predators, and vicious natives, the Bloodtangle is no place for the unprepared.

The people of the Bloodtangle are known for their use of venoms extracted from stinging insects, toxic amphibians, and venomous snakes.

Radenglau of The Bloodtangle

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