The Fires of Heaven

Session Two: Hubble Bubble

The Party who pwns together...

In our previous session the party had just repelled an attack by ghostly apparitions and a strange human female was thrown headfirst through the tavern window and looked to be injured.

The females companion bursts through the door and in one athletic movement sweeps her body from the table and carries her out the side door into the street.

The Party follow, eager to know who or what could have done this. Out in the main street they see the devastation wrought by the fiery angels. Each house and workshop burns feverishly the temperature risings in the street up ahead the angel descends and moves towards them hurling insults and challenges.

Words are exchanged between the visiting couple and the angel where the Party find that the woman’s name is Sina a Human Wizard with a powerful magic orb; the male is Len Zera a Changeling who assumes the facial features of the fiery angel as it draws near (for what purpose it is yet unknown). The angels are searching for Koli-dra and the pair are disposed to oppose their efforts. The resistance the party has shown against the angelic hordes has somehow dragged them into the struggle. The fiery angel challenges them to fight for their lives and cocoons them in a magic bubble. Within the confines of the bubble the dead bodies of the villagers begin to rise and animate, shambling forms they take aim at the Party and attack.

Defending themselves the party dispatch the undead villagers and break free of the bubble just in time to see the fiery angel ignite the tavern with Radenglau’s workforce inside and a drunk dwarf propped up just inside the door.

Radenglau charges through the splintered furnace and releases the trapped bar staff managing to through himself out of the side door as the entire structure collapses sending dust, ash and splintered wood in all directions.



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