The Fires of Heaven

Session Three: Route 6d6

A room for the night.

With the Goblin and his bar staff narrowly escaping the collapse of the burning tavern building and the dwarf paladin regaining some sobriety enough to haul himself out into the street, our party have a whole heap of questions to ask Sina and Len Zera.

Sina informs the party that given their resistance to the attack she believes they may be fate changers and destined for greater deeds. She suggests they make their way to the City of Towers post haste. Len and Sina set the pace and disapear of into the distance in the direction of another local inn with the promise of a clean beds for the night.

The party set out leaving the town of Old Lake Hill in tatters and head off in the direction of Sina and Len Zera.


Upon arriving at the inn the party are greeted by the owner who welcomes them with a hot meal and shows them to their rooms. She tells them that a couple arrived just before them and that she was told to expect other travellers. With no sign of Sina and Len the party assume they are in their rooms and head off to get some rest.

In the morning the Inn owners husband greets the party with news of a light eminating from the woods to the back of the inn and the silouette of a couple walking towards it. Believing this to be Sina and Len the party set off to find out what they are looking for and to remind them that they have not paid for their rooms.

The party travel through the woods and emerge out the other side with no sign of Sina or Len along the way. Ahead of them is a cliff face rising into the bright moring sky. Some distance away the party see a door carved into the rock face and move closer to investigate.

The open the door and enter the cavern, rounding the corner they come across some skeletons, animated and guarding some chests. Beyond the skeletons lay two bodies, presumed dead.

They enter combat with the skeletons able to surprise them somewhat and begin to lay the smack down.



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