The Fires of Heaven

Session Six: The City of Towers

To catch a thief.

Emerging through the gloom of the sewer the Party are halted by a Bandit, guarding the gate to the Depths, the very undercity of the City of Towers. Radenglau, plumps his chest and begins by informing the guard that he would do wise to let the party through and that the have very important business with the Enchalados Fjitas Banditos boss. The guards replies by naming Nadger, whereupon Radenglau scolds hi for using the trackers name out loud, for all to hear. Distressed the guard quickly fumbles for his keys but manages to upset the Goblin for the last time. Calling on his ally, Radenglau informs the guard that things are going to get nasty if he doesn’t open the gate fast, at which point Abraflare wollops the guard square in the face, at that moment Cruril, the dark apostate sorcerer twist fiery embers through his fingers, ready to unleash it upon the guard. Fearing for his life the guards scarpers, dropping the key in the process and runs off into the Depths. The party retrieve the key and set off to find some help for Cruril, who is beginning to feel the effects of the Filth Fever.

On their way out of the depth the Party run into the two villagers who fought alongside them in Old Lake Hill; Valanae and Thallusars, they journeyed with the Cleric onto the City of Towers and have been looking for the rest of the Party since arriving. No stronger in numbers the party set off to find the Cleric who they know by name now, Olofall (no relation).

Working their way higher into the more affluent middle region of the City the Party come across a street with various shops and patrons winding their way through the many bridges and walkways. A shout rings out as a shop keeper rushes from his Jewellery shop and cries “Thief!”.

Satchel 1

Darting through the crowds a human man is carrying a barry satchel, which appears to be laden with various accoutrement belonging to the Jeweller. The Party, being jolly good eggs, take up pursuit of the thief and engage him; at this moment three elven archers appear on the bridge overhead and ready their bows. Now stricken with the Filth Fever, Cruril ducks into a local tavern and tries to hide from the battle now raging outside.

Abraflare kicks some ass with this righteous fury, Radenglau pulls a guy off (the bridge), Valanae shoots some stuff (pew pew) and Thallusars kills the dude who was carrying the barry satchel. A death in the city, especially one in this manner, alerts the City Guard who arrests the remaining gang members and questions the Party, letting them off with a warning as they were obviously acting for justice in this instance.

The Party then set off for Cleric Olofall’s temple and meet his understudy who informs them that Olofall is not present but will be back in the morning and that if they require lodgings they could do no better than to seek out her sisters Inn which is not far from the Temple.



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