The Fires of Heaven

Session Four: Bone Guards & Campsites

The pwn bones connected to the...

The party dispatch the guards and begin to search the room. The bodies at the back of the chamber are both dead; a human male and female, from the notes they find on the male they believe they are from the University in the City of Towers. On the female they find a necklace and in one of the chests they find an orb which Radenglau quickly raps in cloth and puts in his coat pocket.
The party set off once more back to the inn, conclude their business there and set out for the City of Towers.

Along the road they hitch a lift on a woodman’s wagon and run into a cleric who has been mugged for his divine wears.

The party decide to help the cleric, disembark the wagon and allow the woodsman to take the cleric, post-haste to the city. The party set out after the bandits, tracking them into the trees and beyond.

Following the tracks they come across a huge bonfire, clearly these bandits feel there is no need to hide, and the brave, if a little fool-hardy dwarven paladin rushes head first into the heat of the campsite and battle commences.

The party begin striking down the bandits and take stock of the goods that are strewn around the camp.



Was it not the burrito bandito’s that we fought? :p


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