The Fires of Heaven

Session Five: The Party Smell a Rat.

Of rats and men...

Entering the campsite the party open with furious attacks on the lead bandits; whilst in the back some of the criminals choose to run for their lives.

With masterful precision the Party defeat the bandits and capture one of the men for questioning. To rid the man of his fear and help extract information from him the Party tell him if he cooperates they will let him go. He tells them little information but what he does leads them to a name, that of Nadger, a local tracker famed for his abilities. A few days before the attack Nadger set off for The City of Towers through a secret passageway under the campsite to meet with someone on the inside.


Satisfied with the information the captured man has provided, the Party prepare to turn him loose. As he makes for the trees to escape a burst of black flame rushes passed Abraflares shoulder, singing the tuffs of his beard and strikes the remaining bandit, killing him instantly. As the Party turn to see where the bolt had come from Cruril stares at the dead body, his hands still smouldering from the cast spell. The Dwarf Paladin makes no comment but is visibly troubled by his companion’s behaviour.

With the goods retrieved the party pack up as best they can and find the secrete passage into the sewers heading upstream to The City of Towers. Along the way they encounter all the usual paraphernalia associated with the dark, festering sewer of a major city when up ahead noises grow louder and a larger threat approaches.

Three monstrous rats, lurking in the dark are set ablaze as another fiery bolt from Cruril rushes over their heads. The paladin rushes into the fray, smashing and swiping with his mighty mace, its luminescent glow burning in the swallowing dark of the sewer.

One of the rats transforms, lunging wickedly at Cruril and sinking its teeth into his flesh. Radenglau lunges across the open stream of filth throwing the rat off and back across to the stoic paladin who slams the rats beaten body into the dirt. It is clear that Cruril will survive the wound but the taint is has passed into his blood will not heal so easily. The Party head off at pace to find a cleric to heal their ally.



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