The Fires of Heaven

Session Six: The City of Towers
To catch a thief.

Emerging through the gloom of the sewer the Party are halted by a Bandit, guarding the gate to the Depths, the very undercity of the City of Towers. Radenglau, plumps his chest and begins by informing the guard that he would do wise to let the party through and that the have very important business with the Enchalados Fjitas Banditos boss. The guards replies by naming Nadger, whereupon Radenglau scolds hi for using the trackers name out loud, for all to hear. Distressed the guard quickly fumbles for his keys but manages to upset the Goblin for the last time. Calling on his ally, Radenglau informs the guard that things are going to get nasty if he doesn’t open the gate fast, at which point Abraflare wollops the guard square in the face, at that moment Cruril, the dark apostate sorcerer twist fiery embers through his fingers, ready to unleash it upon the guard. Fearing for his life the guards scarpers, dropping the key in the process and runs off into the Depths. The party retrieve the key and set off to find some help for Cruril, who is beginning to feel the effects of the Filth Fever.

On their way out of the depth the Party run into the two villagers who fought alongside them in Old Lake Hill; Valanae and Thallusars, they journeyed with the Cleric onto the City of Towers and have been looking for the rest of the Party since arriving. No stronger in numbers the party set off to find the Cleric who they know by name now, Olofall (no relation).

Working their way higher into the more affluent middle region of the City the Party come across a street with various shops and patrons winding their way through the many bridges and walkways. A shout rings out as a shop keeper rushes from his Jewellery shop and cries “Thief!”.

Satchel 1

Darting through the crowds a human man is carrying a barry satchel, which appears to be laden with various accoutrement belonging to the Jeweller. The Party, being jolly good eggs, take up pursuit of the thief and engage him; at this moment three elven archers appear on the bridge overhead and ready their bows. Now stricken with the Filth Fever, Cruril ducks into a local tavern and tries to hide from the battle now raging outside.

Abraflare kicks some ass with this righteous fury, Radenglau pulls a guy off (the bridge), Valanae shoots some stuff (pew pew) and Thallusars kills the dude who was carrying the barry satchel. A death in the city, especially one in this manner, alerts the City Guard who arrests the remaining gang members and questions the Party, letting them off with a warning as they were obviously acting for justice in this instance.

The Party then set off for Cleric Olofall’s temple and meet his understudy who informs them that Olofall is not present but will be back in the morning and that if they require lodgings they could do no better than to seek out her sisters Inn which is not far from the Temple.

Session Five: The Party Smell a Rat.
Of rats and men...

Entering the campsite the party open with furious attacks on the lead bandits; whilst in the back some of the criminals choose to run for their lives.

With masterful precision the Party defeat the bandits and capture one of the men for questioning. To rid the man of his fear and help extract information from him the Party tell him if he cooperates they will let him go. He tells them little information but what he does leads them to a name, that of Nadger, a local tracker famed for his abilities. A few days before the attack Nadger set off for The City of Towers through a secret passageway under the campsite to meet with someone on the inside.


Satisfied with the information the captured man has provided, the Party prepare to turn him loose. As he makes for the trees to escape a burst of black flame rushes passed Abraflares shoulder, singing the tuffs of his beard and strikes the remaining bandit, killing him instantly. As the Party turn to see where the bolt had come from Cruril stares at the dead body, his hands still smouldering from the cast spell. The Dwarf Paladin makes no comment but is visibly troubled by his companion’s behaviour.

With the goods retrieved the party pack up as best they can and find the secrete passage into the sewers heading upstream to The City of Towers. Along the way they encounter all the usual paraphernalia associated with the dark, festering sewer of a major city when up ahead noises grow louder and a larger threat approaches.

Three monstrous rats, lurking in the dark are set ablaze as another fiery bolt from Cruril rushes over their heads. The paladin rushes into the fray, smashing and swiping with his mighty mace, its luminescent glow burning in the swallowing dark of the sewer.

One of the rats transforms, lunging wickedly at Cruril and sinking its teeth into his flesh. Radenglau lunges across the open stream of filth throwing the rat off and back across to the stoic paladin who slams the rats beaten body into the dirt. It is clear that Cruril will survive the wound but the taint is has passed into his blood will not heal so easily. The Party head off at pace to find a cleric to heal their ally.

Session Four: Bone Guards & Campsites
The pwn bones connected to the...

The party dispatch the guards and begin to search the room. The bodies at the back of the chamber are both dead; a human male and female, from the notes they find on the male they believe they are from the University in the City of Towers. On the female they find a necklace and in one of the chests they find an orb which Radenglau quickly raps in cloth and puts in his coat pocket.
The party set off once more back to the inn, conclude their business there and set out for the City of Towers.

Along the road they hitch a lift on a woodman’s wagon and run into a cleric who has been mugged for his divine wears.

The party decide to help the cleric, disembark the wagon and allow the woodsman to take the cleric, post-haste to the city. The party set out after the bandits, tracking them into the trees and beyond.

Following the tracks they come across a huge bonfire, clearly these bandits feel there is no need to hide, and the brave, if a little fool-hardy dwarven paladin rushes head first into the heat of the campsite and battle commences.

The party begin striking down the bandits and take stock of the goods that are strewn around the camp.


Session Three: Route 6d6
A room for the night.

With the Goblin and his bar staff narrowly escaping the collapse of the burning tavern building and the dwarf paladin regaining some sobriety enough to haul himself out into the street, our party have a whole heap of questions to ask Sina and Len Zera.

Sina informs the party that given their resistance to the attack she believes they may be fate changers and destined for greater deeds. She suggests they make their way to the City of Towers post haste. Len and Sina set the pace and disapear of into the distance in the direction of another local inn with the promise of a clean beds for the night.

The party set out leaving the town of Old Lake Hill in tatters and head off in the direction of Sina and Len Zera.


Upon arriving at the inn the party are greeted by the owner who welcomes them with a hot meal and shows them to their rooms. She tells them that a couple arrived just before them and that she was told to expect other travellers. With no sign of Sina and Len the party assume they are in their rooms and head off to get some rest.

In the morning the Inn owners husband greets the party with news of a light eminating from the woods to the back of the inn and the silouette of a couple walking towards it. Believing this to be Sina and Len the party set off to find out what they are looking for and to remind them that they have not paid for their rooms.

The party travel through the woods and emerge out the other side with no sign of Sina or Len along the way. Ahead of them is a cliff face rising into the bright moring sky. Some distance away the party see a door carved into the rock face and move closer to investigate.

The open the door and enter the cavern, rounding the corner they come across some skeletons, animated and guarding some chests. Beyond the skeletons lay two bodies, presumed dead.

They enter combat with the skeletons able to surprise them somewhat and begin to lay the smack down.

Session Two: Hubble Bubble
The Party who pwns together...

In our previous session the party had just repelled an attack by ghostly apparitions and a strange human female was thrown headfirst through the tavern window and looked to be injured.

The females companion bursts through the door and in one athletic movement sweeps her body from the table and carries her out the side door into the street.

The Party follow, eager to know who or what could have done this. Out in the main street they see the devastation wrought by the fiery angels. Each house and workshop burns feverishly the temperature risings in the street up ahead the angel descends and moves towards them hurling insults and challenges.

Words are exchanged between the visiting couple and the angel where the Party find that the woman’s name is Sina a Human Wizard with a powerful magic orb; the male is Len Zera a Changeling who assumes the facial features of the fiery angel as it draws near (for what purpose it is yet unknown). The angels are searching for Koli-dra and the pair are disposed to oppose their efforts. The resistance the party has shown against the angelic hordes has somehow dragged them into the struggle. The fiery angel challenges them to fight for their lives and cocoons them in a magic bubble. Within the confines of the bubble the dead bodies of the villagers begin to rise and animate, shambling forms they take aim at the Party and attack.

Defending themselves the party dispatch the undead villagers and break free of the bubble just in time to see the fiery angel ignite the tavern with Radenglau’s workforce inside and a drunk dwarf propped up just inside the door.

Radenglau charges through the splintered furnace and releases the trapped bar staff managing to through himself out of the side door as the entire structure collapses sending dust, ash and splintered wood in all directions.

Session One: Tavern Trappings
We meet the Party.

The village of Old Lake Hill on the banks of Laeke Lake and the midsummer fayre is in full swing with street merchants lining the main boulevard. Today Hill Street is festooned with music, streamers and bunting, street kitchens, party games and merriment. Half way up Hill Street passed the bakers, across the street from the ironmongers and right next door to the Travel Lodge the festivities and villagers are congregating near the local tavern owned by the goblin, Master Radenglau.

Standing outside at his usual favoured table is Thassalars, the local Wilden Medic and Valanae Greenbough; an Eladrin Sorcerer who is a recent addition to the villages populace. Inside propping himself up on the bar is the stoic dwarven paladin, Abraflare; he sits quaffing his umpteenth ale and telling the bar staff of his far flung stories of heroic deeds and battles of yore. In the midst of the revelry a lone figures sits in a darkened corner, quietly taking note of the partygoers, passersby and patrons; long ago an associate of the tavern owner and likewise a goblin, he goes by the name of Cruril.

To one side of the tavern an unlikely couple sit sipping there drinks, barely speaking a word to each other. A human female dressed in fine robes and an odd, gruff looking human male they arrived that day and have kept to themselves discouraging conversation from the locals and exchanging only the briefest of words with the tavern owner.

As the party rages on, outside something stirs in the clear summer skies. A storm magnificent in its ferocity whips the dust from the tracks that pass for main streets in this quaint town and chases the patrons back to their homes to seek shelter. Then, with a flash, out of the sky comes a fiery angel followed by dozens of its kind, smaller in stature but equally ominous. The sky turns dark, clouds roll in and blot out the evening sun and the village is engulfed in a deep red glow mirrored by the aching sky.

Racing to the door the last remaining revellers in the tavern crane their necks to get a sight of the fiery angels. The unlikely couple seemed concerned, yet strangely unsurprised and rush out into the street quickly ordering the villagers back inside. The human female reveals a large magical orb from under her vestments and looks knowingly at her companion before heading off in the direction of the angel.

Now inside the tavern, the doors bolted shut all that remains of the party are the two goblins, the medic, the Eladrin Sorcerer and the drunken dwarf, when all of a sudden with the wind and screams of battle ringing outside, passing through the walls come ghostly apparitions which begin to charge maniacally at the Party.

The ghostly figures are dispatched with aplomb and the Party regroups in the centre of the tavern to combine their efforts should another wave attack. At this moment the human female who carried the orb comes hurtling through the tavern window, sending shards of glass across the dusty, wooden floor. She lands face up on the stained oak table and tries to lift her head before slumping back down with a grown.

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